Understanding Credit

Understanding Credit is the ability to execute a purchase or hold a loan with a promise of payment, will be held on the agreed timeframe ". (Astiko, Management Of (Yogyakarta: andi Offset, 1996), p. 5)

Understanding credit that more established for banking activities in Indonesia have been formulated in the Act – Statute of the staple of banking No. 7 Year 1992 stating that the criterion is the provision of money/bills that can be equated with it based on approval/agreement between the parties the bank loan borrowed by other parties which require that the borrower to carry out with the number of flowers in return.

In practice a day – the day of credit loans stated in the form of either a written agreement under hand or are materially. And as a safety guarantee, the borrower will fulfill the obligations and submit a guarantee of either material or are not material.

The principle – the principle of Credit

a. Character (personality/Character)
Character is character as well as the willingness of the applicant to meet the obligations that have been promised. Researched is the nature – nature, habits, personality, lifestyle and family circumstances.

b. Capacity (ability)
Capacity is the ability of the applicant to pay off obligations from business activities conducted or reviewed by credit from banks. So the point of the credit rating against this capacity to assess the business results to which he will be able to pay it off on time in accordance with the credit agreement has been agreed.

c. Capital (capital)
Capital is capital owned prospective borrowers when they apply for credit at the bank.

d. Collateral (guarantee)
Collateral is goods – goods that are submitted on a bank by a peminjan or debtors as collateral for the credit given. The credit is needed to guarantee goods contain no risk.

e. the Condition of Economic (economic conditions)
Condition of Economic situation and condition, is the social, economic, cultural and other influences the State of the economy at a time or for a certain period of time likely will be able to affect the smooth running of the business of the company to obtain credit.

f. Constraints (constraints or obstacles)
In his assessment of the debtor affected by obstacles which do not allow someone doing business somewhere.
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